Yannick Monget, author and prospectivist, specializes in issues related to the environmental crisis. He is also the founder of the “Symbiom group”, created in 2008 with the aim of making decision-makers and industrialists aware of  contemporary environmental issues. He is also the founder of the eponymous Committee, alongside many international personalities committed to the protection of the planet and the promotion of peace throughout the world. He lives in Metz, France.

Passionate about the evolution of life and space, he began, after passing a science baccalaureate and being through “preparatory classes”, his studies in Earth and Universe Sciences (DSTU) at the University Henri-

Poincaré of Nancy. He then quickly turned to paleontology, to which he was initiated by Eric Buffetaut. It was while he was studying certain crises that marked the history of life on earth that he became interested in the contemporary ecological crisis in the early 2000s. Observing striking similarities between current environmental disturbances and what is today known about past upheavals, he decided to turn fully to awareness raising in order to alert and inform about the seriousness of the situation.

Studies and environmental awareness

Prospectvist author and commited artist

In order to enable decision-makers and the general public to better apprehend the risks linked to the planetary crisis, he decided to use writing and digital image technologies as a vector of information. As a novelist, he also wrote several fictions dedicated to the image of Resilience in 2013. His prospective works were quickly noticed by several publishers, including the La Martinière group (publisher of photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and former American vice-president Al Gore), where he signed several photo-documentary books in The latter were taken over abroad, as in New York by Abrams Books. His creations are regularly featured in international media (National Geographic, GEO, Sciences et Vie…) and have been adapted since 2007 in several major exhibitions around the world (Paris, Geneva, Brussels, Vancouver, Munich…). The most recent one, “Visions”, was set up by the city of Paris within the framework of the COP21 world summit in December 2015. It is to be followed in 2021 by a new major international exhibition, under the same name of his latest book “Hopes”. This project, a book without common measure with any of his previous books, presents more than a hundred future scenarios for our planet, bringing together with him dozens of personalities from all around the world, Nobel Peace Prize winners, heads of state, astronauts, scientists, explorers, representatives of indigenous peoples, all giving their vision of the future, their warnings and above all their messages of hope for the future of humanity and our planet.

It is with the support of his friend Jean-Marie Pelt, considered by many to be the father of urban ecology, that he decided to found the “Symbiom group” in Metz in 2008. If the main activity of “Symbiom” revolved around raising awareness of environmental issues, notably through its structure dedicated to the Arts and Sciences, “Symbiom” is today also committed to the challenges of ethical governance, through its Committee, founded with numerous personalities who are internationally recognized for their commitment to the protection of the environment and the promotion of peace. More recently, the group has also committed itself in research and development projects around the notion of societal symbiosis, which reappraises the relationship between humans and their environment by developing tools and technologies to this end.


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