Yannick Monget Preface by HSH Albert II of Monaco

Symbiom Editions Collection Art book / Photo-documentary book


The book is currently available in 2 languages, French or English (the choice of language will have to be made when confirming the order). The paperback version is a soft, lighter and more flexible book, as opposed to the art book version, which is thicker and more rigid.

Coffe table book: a book with thick and rigid cover. The book is more solid than the paperback version, because the sheets are stitched together before being glued and also sewn to the spine. A meticulous work which ensures solidity and durability over time. The art book version is a collector’s item printed in fewer copies.

Paperback/ softcover : a lighter book with soft cover, allowing for flexibility when reading, assembled by stitching (which joins the sheets together by grooving and gluing).

The paperback version of this book is only available on this site. The whole of the benefits from the sales of the books presented on this site go to Symbiom in order to finance projects in connection with the protection of the environment.

This book is a remarkable work that takes you on a journey into the future with over a hundred images in the form of photorealistic digital pictures of what lies in store for us, to help you appreciate the challenges of this century, the trials that lie ahead, the solutions we have at hand and the hopes that remain.

Dozens of leading figures from all over the world — Nobel Prize winners, scientists, explorers, astronauts, representatives of indigenous communities, philosophers and environmentalists — have worked with French author and futurist Yannick Monget and involved themselves in this project to present their personal visions of the future, their warnings and above all their messages of hope for the future of humanity and our world through this book. Setting out first of all the various challenges weighing down on us, against which we must join forces to reverse our rush towards the abyss fueled by our insatiable desire for profit and our consumerist greed, this book then opens into another, overtly optimistic, section that reveals what the world could look like if consciences were aroused and humanity took stock, favoring transformation over revolution and finally establishing a symbiotic relationship with the living world; reinstating ethics at the heart of society and respect for the environment, and the quest for social justice as the fundamental pillars of our future development.

A veritable plea for a total rethink of society, to build a future where our dreams would once again be built on our imagination, and where dreams would finally shape the world that will be ours tomorrow.