Yannick Monget


French prospectivist, ecologist, and writer. He is the founder of the “Symbiom group”, as well as the eponymous Committee, which brings together personalities committed to the promotion of peace and the preservation of the environment, which aims to raise awareness and inform the general public as well as decision-makers about issues related to today’s environmental crisis. He is also one of the ambassadors of the Universal Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Mankind, a project led by the French presidency since 2015.

Jean-François Clervoy


A French astronaut working for the French (CNES), European (ESA) and American (NASA) space agencies, a veteran of three missions aboard the space shuttle, in 1994 to study the atmosphere, in 1997 to refuel the Russian MIR station, and in 1999 to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. He is also the founder and ambassador of Air Zero G, which organizes parabolic flights in weightlessness for Novespace, of which he is honorary president.

Nathalie Meusy


Nathalie Meusy, a lawyer and sociologist by training, has spent most of her career at the ESA (European Space Agency). In 2007, she launched the Sustainable Development / CSR activity for the space industry. In 2016, she organized the first citizen debate on space with the twenty-two ESA member states, and in 2019 the European Space Talks to raise awareness among the general public of the essential role of space in our lives, particularly with regard to the protection of the environment. She is also a member of the Particip-action Association and vice-president of the NGO Common Home of Humanity”.


Corinne Lepage

Lawyer, former French Minister of the Environment, and former MEP, she defended the cause of the many victims of environmental damage (like the Erika shipwreck, civilian nuclear power, pesticides, etc.). She also leads very proactive associative actions (with CRIIGEN, WECF, Justice Pesticides, friends of the DDHU, Transparency International).

Jacques Rougerie

A visionary architect of international renown, member of the Academie, specialist in underwater habitats, he bases his research and achievements on biomimetic architecture. He leads projects such as the Cité des Mériens and the SeaOrbiter exploration vessel, developed for the exploration and colonization of the oceans. The Jacques Rougerie Génération Espace Mer – Institut de France Foundation contributes to the development of projects which should allow the emergence of a new architecture, meeting the requirements of a future based on the precepts of sustainable development related to the sea.

​Gérard Feldzer

French engineer and airline pilot, consultant and popularizer in aeronautics, transport and environment. He is a member of the Air and Space Academy, honorary president of the Aéro-Club de France and the Aviation sans frontières association. Very committed to environmental issues, he is the founder and chairman of CARWATT, founding vice-president of Zebunet, of the association “A tree for you” and of the think-tank “futura mobility” which brings together the innovation directors of the transport actors in France to reflect on the mobility of the future.


Fernando Doblas

Fernando Doblas, a graduate engineer, has dedicated most of his professional career to space, in particular at ESA, where he was responsible for Industrial Relations, head of ESA at CSG, Europe’s spaceport, in Guyana, Director of Communication and Special Advisor to the Director General on Innovation and Economic Intelligence. As Director of Communications he transformed ESA’s communication, with major successes such as the Rosetta mission and with the awareness of the fundamental role played by space in economic development, in strategic independence and in the protection of our “spacecraft Earth”.

René Didi

René Didi has accompanied the development of the University of Franche-Comté in terms of education and in its relations with its economic environment, during the first half of his professional career. He then joined the Caisse d’Epargne group where he ended his career as CSR director at the level of the National Federation.

Aurélien Oosterlinck

An ecologist by training, specializing in ecological engineering and biodiversity conservation, Aurélien Oosterlinck also comes from a program in economics, finance and management. Coordinator of the Chair in Ecological Accounting, academically supported by AgroParisTech, the University of Paris Dauphine and the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, officially launched in 2019 at UNESCO, he also participates in the steering and coordination of a working group on “economy and biodiversity” at the Observatoire National de la Biodiversité (ONB) and in several research or development programs on these themes.