If Hopes, will be released in a few days now, we wanted to reserve some surprises until the last moment. It’s time to unveil the names of some of the latest personalities involved in the project, such as the famous ethologist Jane Goodall. Her name joins the dozens of other personalities (nearly 50 in total) from all over the world who have joined Yannick Monget in this editorial project, agreeing to share their vision of the future, warned as hopes. British ethologist and environmental activist Jane Goodall is a pioneer in research on human-animal relations. She was the first to observe and report that chimpanzees create and use tools and founded the Jane Goodall Institute, which works to protect chimpanzees, biodiversity and local people. Today, she accompanies young people in their desire to act for a more harmonious world. She has also been “Messenger of Peace to the United Nations” since 2002 and will therefore also bring her vision of the future through a testimony that you can discover in the book. Credit photo : Vincent Calmel