The pandemic has long cast doubt on the release date of “Hopes”. The health crisis has indeed considerably complicated the finalization of the work, whose release had to be postponed several times. But we are now reaching our goal!

Given the circumstances, the decision was made at the beginning of fall to stop communicating about the project before having more visibility. One must admit that the pandemic crisis will have been a real challenge, with teams involved in the project in several places around the world, and in particular in Milan, a region that was very hard hit by the pandemic. We have in fact, like many, encountered many difficulties in recent months and many unforeseen events. However, the teams involved kept working hard until the Christmas holidays to finalize the project with all their energy, convinced that such a project was taking on a special meaning in view of the international situation.

So yes, we would all have liked to publish it by the Christmas holidays and give you the opportunity to offer it as a gift, but the main thing is that the publication of the book is firming up, with new information arriving this week about the book and also several parallel projects.

Official release date • The book will soon be available for pre-purchase on this site and the release will also be in March. (final date to be confirmed).

A musical project is still topical, but postponed • The musical project around the book, imagined by Greek composer Vangelis, will be put back in time. It was impossible to carry out this project for the release of the book because of the health crisis. This collaborative project with Yannick Monget and Vangelis is therefore still topical. It means a lot to Vangelis, but it will only materialize in a few months and will be carried out as an extension to the book which will be released soon.

More derivative projects to come in 2021 • We invite you to register on the Symbiom* site to receive information about “Hopes” and the derivative projects which will follow in 2021. In fact, the publication of the book will only be a first step, that will lead to many others: The musical project with Vangelis, but also the large international exhibition adapted from the book or the educational tools intended for schools that will be created. And that’s not all. Many surprises will be added to the calendar throughout 2021, until the very end of the year with another parallel literary project that is still confidential but should cause quite a stir.

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