The news was intentionally kept confidential. Greek composer Vangelis announced it himself in a press release: a musical project will emerge around Yannick Monget’s “Hopes” project. Known worldwide for his film scores such as “Chariots of Fire” by Hugh Hudson, for which he won an Oscar, or “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott, “1492 : Conquest of Paradise”, “Antarctica” or more recently “Alexander” by Oliver Stone, Vangelis signed in the past several musical scores on the theme of nature, including the music of several underwater documentaries for Commander Cousteau, and space, another recurring theme, which made him compose for NASA with “Mythodea” and for ESA for the Rosetta mission. No information has yet been given on the exact nature of the musical composition that will be made for “Hopes” except that this project will be an extension to the eponymous work and its many digital paintings that will allow the reader to travel in as many possible futures.